Marching to Victory

In April 2022, French artist Julien Mallan, who works under the name Seth, created a mural of a little girl proudly carrying the Ukrainian flag on an edifice in Paris. The mural was named L'Ukraine en marche (Ukraine in Action).

Childhood is one of the main themes of Seth's work. The Noosphere Space Art Challenge, an initiative of the Association Noosphere, is dedicated to promoting children's creativity and dreams about space and the universe. During the 4 years of the competition, children from all over Ukraine created almost 30,000 artworks on the space theme, and 8,129 of them featured the Ukrainian flag.

As a result of russia’s full-scale invasion, the organizers halted last year's space drawing competition Noosphere Space Art Challenge, which began in February 2022, and the prize fund of the competition was directed to help refugee children. But we nevertheless looked for a way to keep Ukraine’s youth artistically inspired. That's why we teamed up with Seth on a joint project!

The mosaic Marching to Victory was created on the basis of the same legendary mural by the French artist from 2,404 drawings of Ukrainian children, and also out of a desire to inspire young Ukrainians to dream again.